deborah uman-sures: A Fine Line

September 15 to October 18, 2020
Walk-About with the Artist | Tuesday, September 15 at 1:00 p.m

A Fine Line features local artist deborah uman-sures, winner of the AGN’s Juried Exhibition in 2018.

deborah was encouraged by her parents to explore art from a young age. She completed a degree in fine arts at the University of Manitoba, where she focused on drawing, painting, printmaking, and later, illustration. She has had a diverse career working in graphic design, art direction, and teaching. She often paints large-scale abstract works that tell many stories on the canvas.

As evidenced by the exhibition title A Fine Line, her work is centered very much on drawing, with a classical, illustrative quality and plenty of blank space. Her liberal use of blank space, which according to Uman-Sures is “a shape; it’s never a leftover”. To her, the space around a character is as good as another object, a vital part of the work. Whether it’s the pleasing natural qualities of raw linen upon which she so often works, or the gleaming white of the primed canvas, for her, “open and empty is beautiful.

On View


September 15, 2020


October 18, 2020


Artist: deborah uman-sures

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