Our vision is to inspire, encourage and support learning through art in a positive and inclusive environment. Encouraging learning through art, with a highly engaging programme, supporting cognitive, fine motor and emotional/affective development in children while encouraging joyful intergenerational engagement with art.

Video Resources

Learn About Art

The AGN Youth Council represents Northumberland County youth ages 14-18 who have a passion for the arts and want to build the relationship between young people and art institutions.
Check out these creative project videos that offer ideas and inspiration for making art at home with our AGN Art-to-Go Kits!
The Mini Art Gallery project encourages the creation and delivery of art throughout our community, making art accessible to all while encouraging community engagement!

For Educators

Using the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s Permanent Collection as the subject matter, we offer conversation, reflection and analysis points, as well as projects inspired by the works presented.
AGN school programs bring students into the gallery for an hour of inspiration, conversation and critical analysis.
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