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The Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN), in partnership with community leaders, presents the newest creative addition to Northumberland County, the Mini Art Gallery!

The Mini Art Gallery project encourages the creation and delivery of art throughout our community, making art accessible to all while encouraging community engagement!

Here’s how it works. Any time you come across a mini art gallery you have an opportunity to take a piece, leave a piece, or both. You just may find your new favourite local artist or, seeing what your neighbours are making might encourage you to break out of your bubble and make something new and unique! Get creative with your masterpiece. Within the walls of this gallery experimentation and imperfection are welcomed.

We will be sharing all of the wonderfully mini artworks that will adorn the gallery walls and feel free to leave your name, website, social media handles, or you may choose to leave them a mystery.

Find a Mini Art Gallery near you with one of our hosting locations partners:

  • Brighton Public Library
  • Cobourg Public Library
  • Cramahe Township Public Library
  • Lakeside Supermarket, Bewdley
  • Port Hope Public Library
  • Vernonville Community Centre




What is the Mini Art Gallery Project?

The purpose of the Mini Art Gallery project is to encourage artistic expression and to share those creations with community members throughout Northumberland County. The AGN strives to break down any barriers and make the arts as accessible as possible to our community. The idea behind the ability to take a piece or leave a piece is that works are being shared and the names of artists are spread throughout the community. In conjunction with the importance of accessibility, this is an opportunity for individuals to support local artist and makers.

How did the Mini Art Galleries come to be?

During one of our daily huddles, Executive Director Olinda Casimiro mentioned having seen something of the sort on Instagram. That sparked an idea in one of the Education Assistants, Erin, who started looking into the idea and learned that it was quite popular with versions being found in Canada and the United States.

From there, she began developing a proposal for the AGN to develop their own collection of little art galleries, focusing on spreading awareness of the different forms of creativity that are found throughout Northumberland County.

Once we had decided to move forward with the project, Erin got to work creating a mock-up of what she wanted the Mini Galleries to look like, using cardboard, packing tape and string lights from the dollar store. After solidifying the size, shape and general appearance, we met with AGN volunteer, David McTavish, who would bring the Mini Galleries to life!

What size works fit in the Gallery?

We’d suggest that 2-D works be approximately 4” x 4” (though there is some wiggle room for a bit bigger or smaller), and 3-D works 4” x 4” x 4” (the gallery is only 7” deep, after all)!

Where can the Galleries be found?

We have partnered with community leaders throughout Northumberland County and you can find a Mini Gallery at the following locations:

  • Alnwick Civic Centre
  • Brighton Public Library
  • Cobourg Public Library
  • Cramahe Township Public Library
  • Port Hope Public Library
  • Lakeside Supermarket, Bewdley

How can I participate?

There are many ways you can participate in the project!

It can be as easy as making your own mini masterpiece and placing it in the gallery, you could share a photo of a piece you found in the gallery or of the gallery itself, or you could tell a friend about the project.

We function on the honour system, so we ask that participants mind the take-an-artwork-leave-an-artwork policy, to ensure that there will always be works available in the Mini Galleries for other people to appreciate.

Thank you to our Community Partners!

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Port Hope Public Library Logo                                Black Cramahe Library Logo                                               Lakeside Supermarket, Bewdley


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