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“Girlhood” is about growing up as a girl, in a society that consistently over looks us, and sometimes looks down on us. We chose the title “Girlhood” because as young women, we have seen and experienced the truth about being women, and some of the hardships that comes with it. It took a lot of effort and collaboration to decide what we wanted our art to be about.

With three artists collaborating on this project, it was challenging to combine our different artist styles, opinions, and feelings about what we needed to convey through our art. Over several months a consistent theme emerged, we wanted it to be about women – about us.

We discussed several ideas including, making one big piece of art together on canvas, but we quickly realized we had different ideas and there would be no way to shove all our ideas into one piece of art. With the guidance from Victoria, we finally decided upon the idea of small squares cut out of canvas, where we could express our individual ideas and feelings. We then stitched the squares together in a grid pattern connecting us to one another.

The squares represent our views about being a woman. We are extremely proud of the art and the process and are grateful for the opportunity. Our art translates what girlhood means to us, and we hope it gives you an opportunity to reflect and consider what girlhood means to you.

– Neela Fleury, Chloe Martell, Sierra Thibault
AGN Youth Council Members



Meet the 2022/2023 Youth Council

Neela Elizabeth Fleury
I’m sixteen and Algonquin First Nations. I’ve been with the art gallery for a year now and have had so many amazing opportunities through the gallery. Through my time at the gallery, I’ve been able to further my knowledge and expand my passion for the arts in a variety of ways. My hobbies include reading, writing, visual arts, sports such as running and basketball, and many others. The youth council has already done a few projects that have helped expand my passion for the arts and I’m looking forward to what we’ll do next!

Chloe Martell
I am a 16-year-old teenager who goes to Cobourg Collegiate Institute as a student. I found the Art Gallery of Northumberland last year through a friend who was familiar with the organization. Since then, I’ve joined the Youth Council and made strong connections with those involved with the group. My passions include a variety of arts such as visual arts and guitar music. I look forward to progressing in my hobbies and hope to influence many.

Sierra Thibault
I am a 15-year-old student at Cobourg Collegiate Institute. I started at The Art Gallery of Northumberland in September of last year. I was introduced to the gallery by one of my friends and have loved it ever since, because of joining the youth council I have found that I can appreciate art in a new
way. I love finding new ways to create art and collaborate with others in making art. Some of my passions include cooking and music. I am excited to see what I can do in the future.

On View


June 1, 2023


September 30, 2023


Artist: Neela Fleury, Chloe Martell and Sierra Thibault

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