How Far Would You Go

We are pleased to invite the public to view upcoming exhibition How Far Would You Go, showcasing photography by local community group Green Wood Coalition, opening Saturday, March 4, 2023, and closing April 1, 2023. Join us for the opening reception on March 11, 2023 at 1:00p.m.

The How Far Would You Go exhibition presents a participatory art research project called Photovoice. This research project is a sharing of stories, perspectives, and experiences through photography in an expressive and visual way. The resulting powerful images are used to advocate for social justice and positive change


Artist Statement:

We’re a group of individuals that came together, invited by Green Wood Coalition, bringing common interests and experiences, to pilot a new project. We wanted to offer our creativity and knowledge through Photovoice, right here, within our community.


Photovoice: A participatory art/research project that provides an opportunity to share stories and experiences through photography. Participants share their perspectives and experiences in an expressive and visual way. The resulting powerful images are often used to advocate for social justice and positive change.


We gathered weekly, from November through February, in downtown Cobourg, ON. We saw this as a way to share alternative perspectives that often remain hidden in the light of day. As we thought about shared ideas, we found the piece, How Far Would You Go, to be a familiar but also provocative image, regardless of the viewer’s standpoint, and landed on this question as the theme for our group exhibition at the AGN.


As we shared pieces of our lives, we discovered new connections, listened, and learned more about each other. If we were acquaintances before this, we are now friends. We became more comfortable talking honestly about ourselves, how we feel, and how we wanted, or didn’t want, to be seen by the world.


We believe that this collective experience has made the group, and the show, very strong. We hope you appreciate our efforts.


Chris Kneilands, Emerson Glasspool, Kayla Gibson, Tiffany Palfrey & Virginia Bailey


On View


March 4, 2023


April 1, 2023


Artist: Greenwood Coalition

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