Laura Kenney | Judy

Opening Celebration & A Cup of Conversation with Laura Kenney, March 2 at 1:00 pm

“Subversive Judy” emerges as more than just a character in Laura Kenney’s artistic repertoire; she embodies a rebellion against societal norms and expectations. For over five years, Kenney has woven the tale of Judy, a figure both fantastical and deeply relatable, into her art. Judy is not merely a whimsical creation; she serves as a conduit for Kenney’s voice and a mirror reflecting the desires and frustrations of individuals navigating the constraints of social order.

Dressed in black with vibrant red boots, Judy epitomizes freedom, eschewing traditional domestic duties for moments of carefree abandon. Kenney’s personal connection to Judy is palpable, rooted in memories of her mother’s disdain for ironing, a chore dreaded by many. Through Judy, Kenney explores themes of domesticity, gender roles, labour, and liberation, challenging conventional narratives surrounding female identity.

Kenney’s choice of medium, fiber art, adds layers of significance to her exploration. By utilizing materials traditionally associated with women’s domestic labour, such as cloth, wool, and thread, Kenney pays homage to those who have historically been relegated to the margins of art history. In doing so, she aligns herself with a lineage of artists who have transformed fiber art from a dismissed craft into a powerful tool of resistance.

Through Judy, Kenney breathes life into this subversive spirit, reclaiming the art of fiber work as a means of empowerment and expression in the contemporary landscape.

Olinda Casimiro
Executive Director

On View


March 2, 2024


April 27, 2024


Artist: Laura


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