Robert Motherwell: Octavio Paz Suite

Works from the Permanent Collection
June 28 – September 16, 2018

Images by Robert Motherwell accompany three poems by Mexican poet and writer, Octavio Paz (1914-1998), Nocturno de San Ildefonso (San Ildefonso Nocturne), Vuelta (Return) and Piel Sonido del Mundo (Skin Sound of the World). The Octavio Paz Suite was published by The Limited Editions Club, New York City in 1987-1988 in three editions. The first was a Livre d’artiste, the other two Portfolio Editions. This one is from the third Portfolio edition. They were printed at Trestle Editions by Bruce Porter with assistance from David Lantow and William Olsen. The text was set by hand at Stamperia Valdonega, Verona, Italy, in Bauer Bodoni Bold the Bauer Bodoni Italic, cast by Fundicion Tipografica Neufville. The first poem was printed at Wild Carrot Letterpress, Hadley, Mass., USA, the second at Samperia Valdonega, Verona Italy, while the third was printed at Heritage Printers, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

The Edition in this show was limited to 20 plus 4 artist’s proofs numbered 1 to 4, trail proofs, and the printer’s proofs numbered 1-3, of which this is 1 of 3. Each print is initialed by the artist on the text side of the paper. The lithographs are printed on Chine Appliqué and laid down on various Japanese handmade papers with the Arches stamp on several.

On View


June 28, 2018


September 16, 2018


Artist: Robert


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