Stefan Nitoslawski: RAW CODE

Stefan Nitoslawski: RAW CODE
May 11 – July 7, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11 at 1pm

The juxtaposition of these two bodies of work, Light Flaps and Meta-morphosis, spurs an exciting dialogue. The geometric forms of Light Flaps engage in an abstract narrative with the mystic figures of Meta-morphosis.

Light Flaps invites the viewer to approach, as closely as possible, to the signature of raw light. Based on three natural elements – sunlight, sand and glass – the images portray a dissident harmony.

At first comforting, the symmetry, reveals itself, nonetheless, as cock-eyed. Double-edged, the images oscillate and leave us unsettled. Our DNA has been programmed over millennia to understand the trajectory of the sun’s rays in a familiar pattern. As a seismograph of refraction, Light Flaps turns this reality upside-down.

Meta-morphosis seeks to transcend the body out of its purely physical form into an ephemeral soul. Like a snake shedding its skin, the body is wiggled out of its perceived reality to get a glimpse of an unexpected archetype. The morphed figures expose the soft underbelly of tenets such as birth, death, gender or sexuality.

Light Flaps evokes an empirical language, a binary pulse of light and shadow, that cuts into Meta-morphosis’s uneasy existence. Conversely, the figures in Meta-morphosis accentuate the implicit symbolism in Light Flaps. This exhibition is hung in semantic sequences spurring a sublime dialogue between geometric forms and organic figures.

Meta-morphosis is staged with precise light and studied choreography while Light Flaps documents in situ earthworks constructed on a seaside beach during an artist residency. All of these images are created in-camera without computer manipulation. In this sense, the physical actions before the camera chronicle fluid states of expression and entwine them into a raw code.

On View


May 11, 2019


July 7, 2019


Artist: Stefan


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