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2023 Acquisition

February 2, 2024

The Duane Schermerhorn Endowment Fund plays a pivotal role in bolstering the acquisition of Canadian contemporary photography for the AGN’s Permanent Collection. Established with a commitment to promoting and preserving the rich cultural tapestry of Canada, the fund provides crucial financial support for the museum’s endeavors in securing noteworthy works of photography.

Through the generosity of Duane Schermerhorn Endowment Fund, it ensures the continued growth and enrichment of the AGN’s collection, fostering a deeper appreciation for Canadian contemporary photographic art. Recently, working with Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto we acquired a limited-edition book Bloodline by Meryl McMaster which includes a small-format photograph.

The Duane Schermerhorn Endowment is an investment fund that is restricted for the acquisition of contemporary Canadian photography. To contribute the Duane Schermerhorn Endowment Fund please contact Olinda Casimiro, Executive Director by emailing

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